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ProClean Multi-Purpose Foldable Floor Cleaning Squeeze Mop

ProClean Multi-Purpose Foldable Floor Cleaning Squeeze Mop

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ProClean Multi-Purpose Foldable Floor Cleaning Squeeze Mop Wiper
The ProClean Squeegee Mop is the best floor cleaning tool available; use it to improve your cleaning routine. With only one swipe, the sophisticated squeegee mechanism on this creative mop, which is made for ease of use and efficiency, removes dust, filth, and grime from surfaces. Your floors will always be spotless because of the very absorbent sponge's ability to remove stains.

carousel image 0 With its long-lasting construction made of premium materials, the ProClean Squeegee Mop is made to last. Its ergonomic handle makes cleaning longer periods of time more comfortable by offering a secure grip. Because the mop head is easily replaceable, you can keep it operating at its best with no effort.

As it adjusts to your cleaning demands, the ProClean Squeegee Mop works perfectly on a range of floor types, including hardwood, tile, and laminate. Reaching underneath furniture and into confined spaces is a breeze thanks to its lightweight construction and movable head. For a spotless finish, this mop is your go-to tool whether you're cleaning your home thoroughly or dealing with regular spills.


Q: What types of floors can I use the ProClean Squeegee Mop on?
A: The ProClean Squeegee Mop is safe and effective on hardwood, tile, laminate, and other sealed surfaces.

Q: How do I replace the sponge head?
A: Simply detach the old sponge head by pressing the release buttons and attach a new one by aligning it with the slots and pressing firmly until it clicks into place.

Q: Is the handle adjustable?
A: Yes, the handle is adjustable to accommodate different user heights and to make storage easier.

Q: Can I use cleaning solutions with this mop?
A: Absolutely! The ProClean Squeegee Mop can be used with most household floor cleaning solutions. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.

Product Name - ProClean Multi-Purpose Foldable Floor Cleaning Squeeze Mop Wiper
Package Contain - Pack of 1
Material - Stainless Steel
Color -  Multicolor
Weight - 490
 L-B-H - 20*18*22

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